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This current version of Notepad is can be used with Mac OSX systems and the variants contained within this architecture. Those with older systems should consult with the official website in order to learn if there are other downloads available.

3 Best Alternatives to Notepad++ Text Editor for Mac OS X

As Notepad also functions as a text editor, an automatic spell checker is offered within its array of tools. Please note that if desired, this function can be deactivated. Much like advanced text editors, it is now possible for users to upload and embed images within a file. In addition to this option, basic touch-ups can be performed such as adjusting contrast or rotating the image to the desired angle.

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The only comparable program that is already installed within your Mac operating system is TextEdit. However, this package tends to be a bit more basic and it is normally utilised when only single lines of text need to be entered. TextEdit does not contain other features such as a spell checker or the ability to upload image files. This version of Notepad cannot be downloaded directly onto a mobile device such as an iPhone.

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However, it is always possible to import or export files from the Notes app into this text editor. Not only this , it also provides the best extensions for your use and comfort with great features in it like as of Git integration , code folding, JS hint support, auto formatting and themes for making it more attractive you will be also going to have the bracket extension in it.

The best benefit of getting this Atom text editor is that it is easily hackable to the core which means that of you see that anything if your choice is not happening then with help of it you can easily change it with your own choice and make it happen in your way.

Install Notepad++ on Mac

With help if the Atom you are also able to tweak up different programs simultaneously like as of HTML and java script and this will also help you if you do not know many languages as with this you are not required to learn about different kinds of programming g languages and will not face any kind of difficulty while performing or making your own program.

The Atom is an open source editing tool and available completely free so you will be also going to have additional features in it like as Git integration or conflict Management , color display , modal control , highlighters, project management and so on and it will also be going to help you in cutting languages from the edges.

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Komodo is basically an IDE Integrated development environment which is an online editor also. Mac Notepad is a Mac OS X note pad program in which you can paste and copy any piece of text you may want to have at hand everyday. Last update 4 Sep. Users rating: 27 ratings. Mac Notepad is designed from the ground up to support the latest Apple technologies and provides everything you need to be more productive in your work with your Mac.

Mac Notepad lets you save and organize any piece of text you may want to have at hand: you can paste it in, drag it from other applications, drop it as a text file from the Finder or, of course, write it yourself. A title and a category can be assigned to each note; notes can be easily retrieved by category via a popup menu, or by content simply typing the text to be found in a search field.

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